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THE SILK PISTOL by MAGIC HANDS. Made in Germany, quality workmanship is seen in this one! This is used in routines when the Magician wants to vanish a silk, only to have it appear somewhere else! The Magician drapes a silk over the barrel of the pistol, when the pistol is fired, the silk vanishes! Magician or spectator can fire the gun. Spectator will not see a thing! 

PRICE $395.00 $325.00


Mail Bag Escape

An impressive feat reminiscent of the greatest escape acts of all times! While being clearly and visibly locked in an authentic mailbag with real locks, you manage to escape! Use in conjunction with escape trunks, or by itself. This quality product will provide years of quality service.

PRICE $195.00 $120.00

Chick Pan

The magician displays a small (5-inches round) aluminum pan and opens it, showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or any other object which fits inside) appears!

High-quality spun aluminum with a quick-action release and air hole on the lid.

PRICE $45.00 $30.00 Single load 

PRICE $55.00 $40.00 Double-load 


Dove Pan

The magician displays a large (9-inches round) aluminum pan and opens it, showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or any other object which fits inside) appears!

High-quality spun aluminum with a quick-action release, wooden handle and air hole on the lid.

PRICE $55.00 $40.00 Single load 

PRICE $65.00 $45.00 Double-load 




Rabbit Pan

The magician displays a large (11.5-inches round) aluminum pan and opens it, showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live rabbit (or any other object which fits inside) appears!

High-quality spun aluminum with a quick-action release, wooden handle and air hole on the lid.

PRICE $65.00 $50.00 Single load 

PRICE $75.00 $60.00 Double-load 






The magician holds out his hand at arm's length and suddenly a full-length evening cane appears in his hand!

PRICE $55.00 $40.00


The magician displays a full length evening cane when suddenly the cane completely vanishes!

PRICE $55.00 $40.00



Micro Astrosphere

A small ball floats in mid air, in front of and behind a small cloth held by the magician, without any visible means of supprt!

PRICE $20.00 $15.00


Multiplying Bottles

The magician performs the classic Passe Passe bottle routine, in which a bottle and a glass under the cover of a tube repeatedly change places. The magician then produces a bottle from under the tubes, each time the two tubes are lifted more bottles appear until the magician has produced eight large bottles from thin air!

PRICE $95.00 $75.00


Passe Passe Bottles

The magician displays two bottles that magically appear, disappear, make a glass of liquid teleport from one yellow tube to another, and even reappear when one is taken! Complete instructions included.

PRICE $85.00 $65.00

Appearing Candle - Fantasio

A tall candle appears at your fingertips, and then you light it to prove it's real.

PRICE $30.00 $25.00

Vanishing Candle - Fantasio

Magician displays and lights a 15" candle. He touches the flame and instantly the candle changes into a silk. silk not included.

PRICE $30.00 $25.00


Zombie Floating Ball

The magician covers a large ball with a cloth. Then, while he holds onto the cloth just by the corners the ball begins floating off the table and moving around seemingly on its own! To end, the ball comes to rest back on the table and the cloth is removed.

PRICE $24.00 ( Silver ) $22.00


Water of India - Lota Bowl
A large bowl full of water is shown, then emptied completely into a bucket. The bowl is then set down for a short time, but whenever the magician desires, water again pours out and he can repeat this throughout his show.

PRICE $22.00 $18.00


Magic Bag

The magician displays an empty paper bag to the audience, showing it from all sides (and inside!). He then shows both hands empty, reaches inside and pulls out a transparent box full of loose flowers! He can then repeat this two more times, each time showing the bag empty before producing another box.

PRICE $25.00 $18.00


Blooming Bouquet

A feather bouquet of flowers is displayed to the audience. The magician plucks the flowers from their stems and sets them aside. With just a wave of his wand, the bouquet begins to grow new flowers of a different color!


PRICE $25.00 $20.00 Blooming Bouquet-8 Flower

PRICE $20.00 $15.00 Blooming Bouquet-5 Flower

PRICE $10.00 $8.00 Blooming Bouquet-1 Flower




Color Changing Feathers

The magician displays feather plumes, all different colors. He rolls up a sheet of thin cardboard into a tube and then, one by one pushes the plumes through the tube. Each plume changes colors when it comes out the other side! At the end of the routine the magician opens up the tube to show it's completely empty.

PRICE $2200 $17.00 Large

PRICE $20.00 $15.00 Small

The Four Square Blendo

Silk Trick

This is one of the most beautiful and classic effects of magic!

**Very Easy To Do!**

EFFECT: The magician shows the audience five silks. One is red, one is yellow, one is green, one is blue and one is white. The white silk is tied around the others. This white silk is untied, and set aside. The other four silks are then held between the magician’s hands. He twirls his hands for a moment. Suddenly, instead of four individual silks, he only has one big 36" square silk scarf in his hands! It is composed of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.

**The four scarves have "blended" into one!**

PRICE $55.00 $50.00

Bewitched Bottled and Bewildered

EFFECT: On the performer’s table are five bottles...each one a different beverage. However, no one can tell which bottle contains which beverage as all the bottles are covered with cloth bags. The magician has any spectator freely select a beverage from the available choices. To insure that the magician does not know its location, the performer turns his back as the spectator mixes the covered bottles.

When the bottles are mixed the spectator is handed some small cards numbered 1 through 5 and may place ANY card on ANY covered bottle. When all the cards are placed, the magician retrieves a small box which has been kept on a table in plain view or even by another spectator. The box is opened and the magician removes two objects...a bottle opener and a SEALED envelope...a REALLY sealed envelope! Both items are handed to the spectator and the spectator is asked to open the envelope...inside is a prediction giving a number. The covers are removed from the other bottles to show that they are all different. Finally, the last cover is removed to show that the selected beverage is at the predicted number!

The spectator may then use the opener to open the bottle and enjoy the beverage. You may also use cans or any other small object that will fit under the bags. This is so clever and so simple to do. Comes complete with box, envelopes, numbered cards, cloth bags and complete instructions.

PRICE $105.00 $100.00

Dancing Butterflies

The magician opens a fan and begins waving it back and forth towards the ceiling. Two butterflies appear and begin dancing in the air above the fan. Suddenly, a cloud of butterflies burst upwards and slowly float down to the floor!

PRICE $20.00 $17.00

Fountain of Silks 

The magician displays an 18-inch silk handkerchief, showing both hands empty. He places the silk over his left hand and when he whisks it away another silk has appeared! The magician then gently shakes his hand, causing more and more silks to continue appearing, blossoming out of his hand!

PRICE $20.00 $17.00

ddovepan.jpg (14179 bytes)

Chick Pan - Single Load

Designed exactly as a miniature Dove Pan, the Chick Pan is great for candy productions, baby chicks, popcorn, or a sponge cake. It measures 4 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 inches high. (Sponge cake not included.)
PRICE $30.00 $27.00

Dove Pan
The performer shows a pan to be empty. He puts some ingredients for a cake into the pan. Toss a match in and the mixture bursts into flames. The pan's lid is put on to put out the flames. The pan lid is removed and a cake pops out! The pan can produce anything that fits inside! 7 inches in diameter and 5 1/2 inches in height. (Sponge cake not included)
PRICE  $36.00 ( Single Load ) $33.00
PRICE  $44.00 ( Double Load ) $40.00

Duck Pan - Single Load

Ideal for large auditorium shows. Working just as the Single load Dove Pan, the Duck Pan measures 8 inches in diameter and 6 1/2 inches high. Can produce a rabbit, a duck, or even a small dog.

PRICE $65.00 $53.00

Super Pan

The largest of the single load Dove Pans, measuring 12 inches in diameter and 7 inches high including the handle. It will hold five to six doves easily!

PRICE $160.00 special.gif (17203 bytes)$140.00




Imagine making a bird cage vanish into thin air! For example, show a small bird in a cage. Set him free and show the audience he is free forever by making his former home disappear! An excellent and impressive finale

PRICE $65.00  $45.00



This item has been described by Professor Hoffman in his Modern Magic (pages 311 and 312) over a hundred years ago. Long unavailable, we are delighted to be a part in reintroducing this classic production item. The Bird cage is handcrafted in Brass, and plated in a gleaming silver finish. You can produce several of these Bird Cages from a standard production prop. In their collapsed stage, each cage occupies a space of less than 5" square and two and half inch  in height. When produced each cage is about 5" square and 6" high, standing rigid on its base. The Cages can safely hold small live birds like Canaries. The illustrations (reproduced from the original Hoffman book) illustrate the Cage and it's working. Fig. 1 shows the rigid Cage when produced, and Fig. 2, the cage in it's folded or collapsed state. For production you simply lift out the Cage by the ring on top and place it down on the table. The base falls to the bottom and retains the cage in it's rigid form. Producing a few of these from a production box can be very impressive since the cages look like solid metal and occupy far more volume than possible in the original box. Your production bird cage has been hand crafted by a master craftsman in India, and with a little care, will give you many years of use. These cages are also a creditable show piece in your collection of classic magic!

PRICE $65.00 $55.00



This is the Slickest and Biggest Appearing Bird Cage. This is a large Cage you can Produce Complete with live Pigeon or Dove from under a Foulard, behind your Table, behind your Assistant, or even from Thin Air. " Steal " it and with a Twist of the Wrist you are seen to be holding a Gigantic Bird Cage. Folds like an ambrella, and springs open in an instant. It collapses into a cylindrical form, about 4" in diameter, yet when " Produced " forms a rigid cage over 13" in diameter and 2' High, complete with perch and one or more live birds.
Made from stainless steel, constructed to last for ever.



PRICE $200.00   $175.00



Linking Rings -10"

Eight solid metal rings are loosely dropped from one hand to the other. The rings then magically begin to link and unlink at the magician's whim.

These metal 10" rings are perfect for any Linking Ring routine. Set includes key ring, 2 separate rings, 2 rings linked and 3 rings linked together.


PRICE $150.00   $130.00

CoinPail.jpg (22510 bytes)


This is an extremely smart looking polished aluminum bucket-type pail. The small is made for quarter sized coins and the large will hold half-dollar sized coins. A fingertip touch releases one coin at a time into your hand.

The performer shows the pail to be empty and then reaches into the air where a coin is seen to appear at his fingertips. The coin is thrown into the pail with a clang. This is repeated until at least 24 coins are produced. The performer can walk through the audience, producing the coins from various places. No skill is required to perform this fantastic feat.

PRICE $78.00 $70.00

Sleeve Bouquet

These lovely feather bouquets are a great single-handed production item. You can compress them into a very thin bundle to fit either up your jacket sleeve or into a production box and they pop open when produced.


PRICE $20.00  $15.00


Card Castle 

The magician makes a fully complete card castle suddenly appear!

PRICE $30.00  $25.00

Chameleon Silk 


A multi-colored silk streamer is held by the performer. With a snap of the wrist, the colors instantly vanish leaving the streamer completely black!

PRICE $30.00 $25.00

585.jpg (13635 bytes)

Drumhead Tube - Single Load

A gleaming metal tube is shown completely empty and can even be passed out for examination. Both ends of the tube are sealed with tissue paper and metal rings. A magician breaks the tissue and proceeds to pull out yards of colored ribbons, silks, etc. from the empty tube. 6 1/2 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

PRICE $22.00 ( Single Load ) $19.00

PRICE $25.00 ( Double Load ) $23.00

minitran.jpg (11145 bytes)

Transformation Tube (3''Aluminum)

The performer places three different colored skills inside the transformation tube. With a toss these skills are transformed into three different color liquids that match the silks.

PRICE $45.00 $38.00

twnphntm.jpg (16013 bytes)

Twin Phantom Tube

Platform, Cabaret or Stage . . .
The Twin Phantom Tube is the professional's choice!

What a beautiful addition to your act. The magician shows a large empty tube, then divides it into two sections. He further proves its innocence by passing a magic wand through one of the tube sections and pours water through the other.

The two sections are placed together and silk handkerchiefs are immediately produced from both ends of the large tube. You can even produce bouquets of spring flowers, flags, ribbons, sponge items, etc.

The Twin Phantom Tube is manufactured from gleaming, polished aluminum and measures 3.5 inches in diameter by 12 inches long. You receive the Twin Phantom Tube and complete instructions. You supply the production items.

PRICE $77.00 $72.00

teaketle.jpg (19921 bytes)

Tea Kettle

Silk Magic and Liquid Magic all rolled into one.

The magician shows a tea kettle given to him by a leprechaun, at the end of the rainbow. His new little friend told him the tea kettle contained all of the colors in the rainbow. The magician begins to see what this tea kettle really can do and pours out various colored drinks. Glass after glass each pour is different - green, blue, yellow, red, etc.

To show where the colored drinks come from, the magician removes the cover from the tea kettle and finds lots of colored silks inside. (If you wish, you can produce a colored silk to match each of the colored drinks poured earlier.) Now, the colored drinks can be poured back into the tea kettle and clear water can be poured out.

The Tea Kettle is perfect for magicians, clowns, M.C.'s and is absolutely superb for story tellers. It includes a one quart metal tea kettle, lid and instructions. You supply your own favorite silk handkerchiefs and glasses. Tea Kettle color may vary from photograph.

PRICE $46.00 42.00

cmdyfunl.jpg (9495 bytes)

Comedy Funnel

Looking for Laughs? You've Found the Perfect Prop!

There are many routines possible with the Comedy Funnel. However, this is my favorite . . .

Liquid is vanished (ala Foo Can, Magic Milk Pitcher, etc.). You place the Comedy Funnel under an audience member's elbow. A second audience member is requested to begin slowly pumping the first audience member's other arm. Suddenly liquid starts flowing from the Comedy Funnel into a glass held by the performer. The liquid flow starts and stops a number of times, completely under your control. Honestly, it just gets funnier and funnier!

The Comedy Funnel is a perfect addition to the prop trunk of magicians, clowns, storytellers as well as M.C.'s. You receive the highly polished aluminum Comedy Funnel complete with clear surface coating and instructions. Supply your own prop for vanishing the liquid. We recommend the Foo Can (shown above) which is not included, but may be purchased separately.

PRICE $25.00  $22.00

mob.jpg (27720 bytes)

Multiplying Ball - Vernet

This Balls look like handfuls of diamonds   
One of this balls in your hand is like holding a sphere of stardust gleaming like a handful of diamonds. A wonderfull effect that convinces the audience of your skill as a magician. The set consist of three textured balls and a shell, surfaced with reflective material so they'll pick up and reflect the light in the room where they are being used. The textured surface makes the balls easy the handle whithout slipping. Don't be afraid of dropping them. 
• Made in chomium plated ABS plastic. 
• Very easy to handle. 
PRICE $30.00 $28.00

bclimax.jpg (18543 bytes)

Ball Climax - Vernet

This is  a perfect finish for the Vernet's Multiplication Balls. You have produced four Balls in your right hand and suddently, four more balls appear between the fingers of your left hand.

PRICE $26.00 $24.00

fountain.jpg (19723 bytes)

Fountain Silk Ball -Vernet

You have a ball in your hand and instantly changes into a 18" silk. The set comes with one extra ball wich can be used as a hankball. It also matches the other Vernet Balls.

PRICE $26.00 $24.00

zombie1.jpg (37933 bytes)

Zombie Ball - Vernet

A ball is resting on a base. The performer covers the ball with a foulard and while he holds an end of the foulard in each hand the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner, first up and down, then the ball floats over the cloth and rests on the edge of the foulard, vanishes and suddenly it peek up behind the performer’s shoulder, and finally back to rest on the base on table. The ball is made in chromium plated ABS plastic. It doesn’t loose its shine. It’s super light. It’s unbreakable. You receive: One 11,5 cm ball, a base, the special gimmick and instructions. No foulard included.

PRICE $39.00 $35.00

tes.jpg (22025 bytes)

Ethereal Salt Shaker

You show a salt shaker. If you want you can pour a bit of real salt into a spectator hand. Now you pour all the salt into your fist and without any sleight the salt vanishes. You show the shaker absolutely empty, you cover it with a silk and in a few seconds you take off the silk to show the shaker again full of salt. Comes complete with instructions and routines.
The Features of Ethereal Salt are:
• It's self-contained
• It looks like a real "restaurant salt shaker"
• It's made of high quality clear plastic with a chromed plated top.
• The salt are micro glass beads to avoid problems with humity.
• Perfect for close up or stage.
Comes complete with illustrated instructions and routine.
PRICE $20.00 $18.00

silkola.jpg (6970 bytes)


Vanished silk handkerchief magically reappears inside a coke bottle!


PRICE $36.00 $34.00

foocan.jpg (9080 bytes)

Foo Can in polished chrome 

The Foo Can in polished chrome is a beautiful prop to add to any magic act. The following is just one of the many uses for a Foo Can. The Foo Can is a utility device that can do with liquids what a change bag can do with solids. You can use a Foo Can to vanish a quantity of liquid, or produce a quantity of liquid or even change one liquid into another liquid. Use the Foo Can to change water into wine or change milk into chocolate milk. This Foo Can has a very attractive chrome handle which makes handling the Foo Can even easier. 

PRICE $36.00 $29.00Shipping and Insurance, 

194.jpg (12794 bytes)

Lota Bowl
An aluminum bowl is shown to be completely empty. At the magician's command, it fills with water! The Lota Bowl is emptied, only to fill again minutes later! This is repeated several times throughout your performance. The audience will wonder where all the water came from! 6'' Pours 13 times and has a 40 ounce capacity. 12'' Pours 40 times and has an 80 ounce capacity.

PRICE  $29.00 (6 Inch) $27.00
PRICE  $69.00 (12 Inch) $64.00


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