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You display a shimmering gold cloth which you spread out as a working surface. Next, you introduce a miniature deck of Bicycle cards and allow the spectator to make a free selection. The card is returned and the deck shuffled. The cards are then ribbon spread the full length of the cloth. You then display a small leather covered box and explain that it holds a crystal endowed with mystic powers. The box is opened and the spectators see a 1" crystal ball resting in the box's velvet lined interior. The crystal is placed at one end of the card spread. At the magician's command, the crystal slowly rolls along in front of the spread until it comes to rest in front of one card. The card is removed and leaned against the ball, back towards the audience. When the spectator names the selected card, the crystal moves again, allowing the card to fall face up onto the table. It is the selected card!! At this point, the crystal, cards, and cloth may all be minutely examined!! Now, before you start thinking this is just another piece of invisible thread, let me tell you that this came out during John's electronic phase, and that the box houses a small motor in it's base which makes the entire effect possible!! It is completely silent, and desigend to last a long, long time. This comes complete with everything you need (including the battery!!), and is ready to work right out of the box! 

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An awesome new idea from John Kennedy! A pen rests inside a drinking glass. The magician concentrates, stares at the glass, and something strange happens... the pen jumps straight out of the glass! You have to see it to believe it! It's so unexpected, your audience is sure to "Jump!" too! And, they will have absolutely no clue to the mystery because there is nothing to find. Nothing at all! In fact, the objects are completely ordinary. Any pen and any glass will work. "Jump!" is a brand new device that... well... makes things jump!

You can make a pen, pencil, spoon, straw, whatever, jump straight out of a cup or glass. You can even make popcorn "pop" right out of its bowl! Best of all, "Jump!" is a hands-free device that is under your complete control. In other words, you can place a glass down on any table, stand back, concentrate, and cause a pen or spoon to jump straight out of the glass and land on the table. Immediately everything can be examined with absolutely no clue to the mystery. You don't need to move your hands or any part of your body to make it jump. So, how does it work?

Well... "Jump!" is a state-of-the-art electromechanical device that operates with a standard nine-volt battery. One battery is good for about 1,000 jumps! All you have to do is place "Jump!" in one of your pockets and you're ready to go! No one can solve the mystery because the device stays in your pocket all the time! However, you don't have to keep it in your pocket. If you prefer, you can hide "Jump!" just about anywhere in the room and it will still work! "Jump!" comes with everything you need including the nine-volt battery and detailed instructions. Another fine piece of magic from John Kennedy!

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John Kennedy's Hummingbird Reel

Now here’s a powerfully quick reel! From John Kennedy, this 3-volt reel will allow you to make a dollar bill, playing card, or silk fly 15 to 20 feet through the air into your hand! As quick and as quiet as a hummingbird, this reel will quickly become the preferred reel on the market.

PRICE $60.00 $55.00

Stealth Retractor

**Three Great Routines!**

*A dollar bill floats across the table into your hands! Also Works with napkins, silks, sugar packets, etc.!

*A borrowed bill floats in mid-air!

*A chosen card floats from the deck up into your hands! Great with business cards, too!

Are you ready for the power? The Stealth Retractor will empower you to do miracles just inches from your spectator’s eyes! Imagine performing your favorite "Floating Bill" routine without any secret attachment before you start! And no secret attachment removed when you’re finished, either!

The Stealth Retractor uses the finest quality invisible thread. If the thread breaks, you can fix it in 26 seconds flat! No "thread-sucking"! Machine made from solid brass with a silent industrial micro motor, the Stealth Retractor is built to last a lifetime! It’s compact too, about 1 1/2 inches long by 1/2 inch in diameter. Just toss it in your pocket, and you’ve got the power! 

PRICE $65.00 $60.00


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