General Magic


Magician's Wand

3 Styles Available:
Black With Brass
Brown With Brass
Black With Chrome

The Magician's Wand is poised with great balance for the seasoned magician. This two part wand is hand crafted from the finest wood and brass materials. The wand stands 13.5 inches tall weighing 5 ounces with a heavy feel. Perfect for the wand spin move.

PRICE $35.00 $30.00



Magic Writer Chrome Pen

When it comes to magic with pens, this is the flag ship of props... You show a spectator that you have stabbed your pen through an envelope or a bill leaving NO HOLE! The pen gimmick is complete self-contained. Best of all the entire pen can be handed out for examination..

PRICE $35.00 $30.00

Magic Clock

The Magic Clock is a close-up pocket sized miracle...
You hand the clock to a spectator and ask he or she to secretly turn the dial to any number. Before you take the clock back you tell the spectator to turn the dial backwards to prevent you from knowing the selected number. You then take the Magic Clock back and you immediately tell your spectator his or her selected number! No Skill is Required! The special design will also allow you to hand the clock out for total examination!

Hand crafted in brass then nickel plated. Enjoy...

PRICE $45.00 $35.00



Perfect Linking Rings

Since the invention of the Chinese linking rings, magicians have been searching for the best. What makes the Magic Makers Perfect Linking Rings perfect? The gravity locking system is undetectable! Let's just say, only you will know how to open the gimmick. These rings are forged in brass, then chrome plated.

Set of three 12" rings commands stage and parlor miracles...

PRICE $145.00 $125.00



Wonder Clock

A door is slid open revealing a clock face and small dial. Attached to the dial is a knob that allows the dial to be set to any of the hours on the clock face. Stepping aside with your back turned away you request that the spectator select an hour of the day and turn the dial to that hour. The spectator then closes the door which completely covers the clock face. Without having to see the clock face, you instantly reveal the selected time!

The Wonder Clock stands 2.2" tall to fit nicely in the palm of your hand. The Wonder Clock is hand crafted to precision and is a limited production piece....

PRICE $45.00 $25.00




Wizard's Flip Book

After over a 100 year absence, the "Wizard's Flip Book" is back!!

The Wizard's Flip Book is an eight way book and is widely believed to be the "changing book" that all of the "Color Changing Coloring Books" have evolved from.

Wizard's Flip Book stands 5 1/2" tall x 3 1/2" wide.

PRICE $25.00 $20.00


Brass Cup & Balls

The Magic Makers Brass Cups & Balls are the best made for performers in its category of Magic. Try our cups for the best experience!

*Cups stack perfectly.
*Balls are knitted with a solid core.
*Balls rest perfectly on the cup's tops.
*Each cup is extremely high polished.
*Heavy feel with the optimum design.

3 Brass Cups and 4 Perfect Knit Balls included per set.
Height 2.75 in, Mouth 2.65 in, Rim 2.9 in.
Weight 4.25 oz.

PRICE $150.00 $130.00


Giant Cup & Balls (Brass)

These giants stand 4 inches tall and have
a 3.75 inch opening big enough to fit fruit!

Comes with 4 red crochet balls made to
rest perfectly on the cup’s tops!

PRICE $195.00 $160.00


American Flag Silk Blendo

A red, white, and blue silk are placed into the magician's fist. The magician's fist is then opened showing the 3 silks have transformed into the American Flag!

Everything you need to perform this effect is included!
Red, White, Blue Silks: 6"x6"
American Flag: 12"x8"

Our directions are also illustrated step by step!

PRICE $20.00 $12.00


Color Silk Blendo

Red, yellow, blue, and green silks are placed into the magician's fist. The magician's fist is then opened showing the 4 silks have transformed into a large silk with all 4 color silks blended together!

100% Beautiful Silk, EVERYTHING you need to perform this effect is included! Our directions are also illustrated step by step!

4 Color Blended Silk: 7.5 x 7.5 inches
Red,Yellow,Blue,Green Silks: 4 x 4 inches

PRICE $20.00 $12.00


Mini Cups & Balls

Miniature Cups & Balls can now be yours! Each cup stands approximately 1.25 inches tall. The set of 3 cups stacks perfectly! Each set of mini cups comes with 4 mini balls and 3 large balls for the ending...

Take this classic effect even further...Can also be used to perform the 3 shell game!

PRICE $45.00

Wonder Wand

It's a Coin Wand! A Silk Appearing Wand! A Silk Vanishing Wand! A Flower Appearing Wand! A Coin Changing Wand! A Rising Wand!
A Bang & Fire Wand! And more!

Wonder Wand is an attractive, precision-machined aluminum wand, anodized black with hard anodized silver tips. With Wonder Wand, you can appear and vanish a half dollar or quarter, instantly appear a silk, vanish a silk, appear and vanish a flower, with a mere tap of the wand a coin can change into another coin, shrink or penetrate another object (like your hand), make the wand rise in your hand and more!

Wonder Wand includes many precision-machined parts, plus a folding half dollar, shimmed shell coin, silk and other items. Clear, photo-illustrated instructions include many additional ideas. This attractive wand is approximately 7.25" long and can easily be carried with you at all times. How many uses will you discover?

PRICE $80.00 $75.00


Wonder Wand Fire Kit: Create loud bangs, flashes of fire and fire balls. The kit includes the fire tip, cap striker rod, spacer, spring, caps and instructions. (Buy two Wonder Wand Fire Kits and produce bangs or fire from each end of the wand!) NOT SOLD TO MINORS!!

PRICE $30.00 $25.00

Wonder Wand Extension


The Wonder Wand Extension increases the Wonder Wands length to approximately 10.5 inches! Two extensions can be added, bringing the total length to nearly 14 inches! Most of the effects that can be accomplished with the standard Wonder Wand, can be accomplished when one or two extensions are added!

PRICE $30.00 $25.00


Junior Reality Thumbtips

The same look and feel of the original Reality Thumbtips made for the smaller hands of younger magicians. Some females also find it a better fit for them as well.

The color and elastomeric design of this thumb looks so real you’d think we put a real person’s thumb in a clear plastic bag and are selling it! Give your customers the best thumb tip ever made.

PRICE $20.00 $10.00


Reality Thumb Tips

The color and elastomeric design of this thumb looks so real you’d think we put a real person’s thumb in a clear plastic bag and are selling it! Give your customers the best thumb tip ever made.

PRICE $20.00



Magic Hands Kit

Magic would not be complete without a thumb tip and silk. Each “Magic Hands Kit” comes in a concealed black bag with 3 different size thumb tips and two sizes of red handkerchiefs.

Complete with illustrated instructions!

PRICE $20.00 $10.00

Monster Shells

The Giant 3 Shell Game is here! The shells are HUGE. They measure 8" long x 6" wide x 3" deep! Each set contains 3 Giant Shells great for trade shows, comedy entertainment, etc.

Peas Not Included. We recommend you use green sponge balls or anything else you want to reveal that can fit underneath these 3 monsters!

PRICE $35.00 $30.00

Professional Change Bag

This is one of our greatest items ever produced! Quality is the best ever made! You hold the Change Bag while your spectator places silks into the bag. You give the Change Bag a little shake and then have your spectator reach into the bag again! He or she will remove the silks and see that they have transformed!


PRICE $170.00 $150.00

wltgrose.jpg (10784 bytes)

Wilting Flower

In the middle of a routine, the magician hands a gorgeous long stemmed flower to a spectator to hold. Now, I don't know a person alive who, if given the chance, doesn't try to sample the fragrant aroma from one of natures most beautiful flowers. Just as he brings it to his nose, it wilts in his hand. Believe me, the audience will howl. This long stemmed Wilting Flower has been carefully hand-crafted for smooth, reliable and long lasting performance.
We have seen many wilting flowers, but none compare to the beauty and function of the Wilting Flower. You receive one long stemmed silk wilting flower and instructions.

PRICE $22.50 $15.00

Block Escape

The Effect: A spectator thinks of two colors and those are the only blocks that escape from the pin in the wood box...

PRICE $25.00 $15.00ay vary from photograph.)


Illusion Hands

You get both a left and right Illusion Hand to perform some amazing stage and parlor magic. Make your microphone stand float. Make objects move...

The Illusion Hands look like real hands to fool your audience!

PRICE $35.00 $25.00


Surprise Silks
aka Acrobatic Silks

Hand made in reinforced wood, hangs 3 scarves; two red and one blue. The performer states he or she can make the blue scarf on the end jump to the opposite end. Well, the audience can see that the performer is just turning the wood pole 180 degrees and pretending that the blue scarf has jumped. To prove the performer can do real magic the blue scarf instantly jumps to the middle! The unit is then handed out for full examination by the audience! Silks are reinforced in the wood by metal rings for long life!

PRICE $30.00 $25.00



Dice Through Mirror

The performer shows a wallet with a small square in the middle. A mirror attached to a ribbon is passed around for inspection, then inserted into the wallet. A die (singular for dice) is also inspected. The die is placed in the square in the wallet, then, bit by bit, it very slowly sinks until it completely penetrates the mirror and drops to the floor. The die and mirror are once more passed around for examination.

PRICE $35.00 $25.00


The Rattle Box (Wood)

The magician borrows a coin, which is marked for identification by the spectator. The marked coin is dropped into a small hardwood box by the spectator and the lid closed. The magician then gives the closed box a few shakes; rattling the coin inside. The box is given to a spectator to hold. When the spectator opens the box, the coin has vanished! The coin may be found in spectator's pocket, or nested away in some device; you can choose the outcome. The Rattle Box works great with the Spellbinding Boxes!

Size: 3.5" x 2.25" x 1.5"

PRICE $35.00 $30.00

Ring Flite

If you've been wanting to perform 'reel' magic that looks like real magic, you'll really like this- You borrow a finger ring. You place it in your hand. With no suspicious moves, it vanishes. Whoops! Sound the alarm. Check the area. Don't anyone leave the building - well, except you. Claim you've left your headlights on and will be "right back." Of course, you'll need your car keys. Reach into your back pocket (where you've been nowhere near) and take out an elegant, supple, black suede zippered key case. What in the name of be-boppin' bunnies is goin' on?!? There - inside the key case - linked onto one of the key rings amidst your keys is their ring! A powerful piece of precision prestidigitation! It's smooth and completely silent. Superbly designed.

PRICE $45.00 $30.00

impenetr.gif (31835 bytes)

The Fantastic Finger Chopper

This never, and I mean never, fails to fool the pants off people! Here it is-- Display a wooden blade and stocks-everything can be freely shown. The blade is replaced in the stocks and a spectator is asked to place a finger through the opening in the stocks, just below the blade's edge. Quick as a wink, the solid wooden blade is plunged downward, through the spectator's finger! There's a pause, as the impossibility sinks in-then the stock is split open and removed from around the blade. The solid wooden blade is left wrapped around the spectator's finger! A startling (and bewildering) example of matter through matter!

PRICE $55.00 35.00

mt018.jpg (15573 bytes)

It will light up your act...and your life! It's Rocco's Lite From Anywhere and that pretty much says it all-brilliantly! You simply show your hands empty-and then pluck a bright red light out of thin air. Transfer the glow to your other hand and make it vanish! Continue plucking, transferring and vanishing the light. Blow on your hand and it's light's out! The light's gone-but, you plucky devil-you can simply pluck another one out of d'air or from anywhere! You can also use D'Lite to illuminate other objects cupped in your hands (like a piece of crystal or ice cube. They'll glow with a fiery light!). If you want to perform a 'light' touch of magic that's heavy on spectator reaction-this is it!

PRICE $14.00 ( Regular Size ) $11.00

PRICE $13.00 ( Junior Size ) $11.00

DLite_Delux_Kit.jpg (15558 bytes)

The D’Lite D’Lux Magic Set

**Magic Anyone Can Do! No Skill Required!**

The D’Lite D’Lux Magic Set includes a pair of D’Lites, and its companion teaching video. This video teaches the basic handling techniques from the creator of D’Lite, Roger Mayfarth...and watch the award winning magician ROCCO perform dozens of simply amazing D’Lite effects and magical routines.

Also included is the D’Lite version of the "Magician’s Secret Weapon". This devious device has been used by magicians, both professional and amateur, for centuries to perform countless "miracles" in the eyes of spectators around the world. This secret weapon, perfected by the craftsman at D’Lite, is now available to you with its companion teaching video, The "Magician’s Secret Weapon" video. From this video, you will learn the Vanishing Silk, the Magic Sponge Ball, Mysterious Multiplying Salt, Disappearing Dimes, Making Money, and much more! Amazing miracles that anyone can learn to do in minutes! No skill required! Be the life of the party with the D’Lite D’Lux Magic Set!

PRICE $60.00 $50.00


The Raven
Everyone's ravin' about the Raven Magicians all over the world are ravin' about the Raven (am I the first one to think of that line?)-and they're driving spectators stark ravin' LOCO with it! It's the most visually powerful piece of 'in their face' magic since the bullet catch! The effect is simple and simply devastating. Here it is from the spectator's point-of-view--They see you place a coin on top of their (yes, the spectator's) hand. They see you wave your hands over the coin. They see their hand, but no coin. It's gone! You never touch the coin, yet it vanishes right before their dumbfounded eyes. You show both hands fairly-front and back-fingers spread. There's absolutely nothing to find!
PRICE $36.00 $30.00


rings_prod.jpg (3924 bytes)

Cousin to "The Raven", "The Bat" uses an entirely different method to visually vanish and appear coins and other small items. Includes a clever method for performing the kinetic rings. The magician can stop a watch lying on a table from running by simply passing his or her hand over it. The magician can make objects on a table move without touching them. Objects can stick together at the sound of a certain word from the magician. The effects can be performed in a coat or short sleeved shirt. Dozens of other effects make this a "must" for your professional magic stock.

PRICE $36.00 $30.00

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