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Buddha Boston Box

Coins vanish, appear and penetrate objects. The Boston Box is one of the most useful props in coin magic. Routines are detailed in dozens of books & videos. This beautiful item is precision-machined in brass. The design is more than attractive: the curved sides make standard moves a breeze!

PRICE $25.00 $20.00

Buddha Okito Box


The Buddha Okito Box is a standard Okito Box, except for its exterior. It's been designed for the individual who wants a coin box that's more than the standard 'pill box' design. This attractive box has a belly side to facilitate turnover moves. For those whom are familiar with Okito Boxes, you don't need to put your finger tip underneath the bottom edge of the box for it to flip over. The box can be flipped with your fingers on the sides of the box. In addition, the inside radius on the top and bottom rings on the box provide turnover moves to be done on a table. Includes instructions on standard moves, routines and ideas for your Okito box!

PRICE $25.00 $20.00

Buddha Magnetic Okito Box

If you're looking for a coin box that's more attractive than the standard "pill box" type, the Buddha line of boxes should fit the bill. The curved sides and other design features also make most of the standard turnover moves much easier and more deceptive.

The Magnetic Okito Box allows you to perform an amazing array of effects not possible with other boxes when used with a steel core coin (half dollar size, not included). Included is a routine by world-famous coin magician David Neighbors, that can easily be performed by those with even a limited knowledge of coin sleights.

Just One of the Effects Possible: Three half dollars placed inside of a small brass box penetrate through the box and the performer's hand, one at a time in a very clean and fair manner.

PRICE $35.00 $30.00

Buddha Plug


The Buddha Plug looks like any of the Buddha boxes, except that it is solid... there is no opening for the coins. The plug can be secretly slipped in at the end of a routine. When a spectator examines the coins and box, he or she will discover the situation, creating additional humor and mystery. For an additional touch, you can vanish the plug via a standard coin vanish!

The Ultimate Buddha Accessory!

PRICE $20.00 $18.00

Buddha Slot Box


The Buddha Box is like a standard Okito Box, except that there is a slot that runs around the bottom, inside of the box. This recess will hold back a half dollar when coins are dumped out of the box. Included with the Buddha Slot Box are detailed instructions for routines that can be performed with your Slot Box.


PRICE $35.00 $30.00

Buddha Sucker Box


The Buddha Sucker Box is a box that can be secretly slipped in at the end of a routine. The performer invites the spectator to examine the coins and box, then places the coins inside. Humor, as additional mystery, is added to your routine when the spectator discovers that the coins won't even fit in the box! For an additional touch, you can vanish the sucker box via a standard coin vanish!


PRICE $20.00 $18.00

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Johnson Products OKITO BOX ( Half Doller Size )
You display an innocent looking round brass box, which may be inspected by spectators. You then create a series of effects with the box making coins appear from nowhere, then vanish and finally penetrate through the box.This precision made prop, comes complete with detailed and fully illustrated instructions, It's a CLASSIC.....

PRICE $15.00 $13.00

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Johnson Products BOSTON BOX ( Half Doller Size )
The Boston Box is identical in appearance to the Okito Box, but with one difference, making possible a whole new set of close up magic. One example, you fill the box with four coins and set the box on the back of your hand , so the audience can see the coins at all times. You cover the box for an instant, and suddenly all the coins penetrate your hand! Many more effects, as you switch the Okito Box for the Boston and vice versa. This precision made prop comes with detailed illustrated instructions. Coins Not Included..... 
PRICE $16.00 $14.00

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Johnson Products O-KORTO BOX SET 
( Half Doller Size )

Four coins are dropped in an Okito box and the lid placed on. The box is deposited on the back of the left hand, the coins leave the box, penetrate the hand and drop to the table. The performer places the box back on the table, turns his head away, and directs a spectator to place one coin in, remembering which side is up and place the lid on, but the spectator has difficulty in getting a coin in the box. The box is now either too small or the coin too big. The performer turns facing the spectators and has no trouble what so ever putting the coins in....Coins not included 
PRICE $35.00 $30.00


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