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These Hats are the best  Top Hats ever made. These hats were made by Krieger Top Hats, the Oldest Manufacturer of top hats in the USA, founded in 1910. The Hat is 5" in height. It is made of Highest Quality Silk materials, 

The COLLAPSIBLE Hat,  has the best metal mechanism imported from Germany. The metal mechanism consist of 4 special metal mechanisms inside the four sides of the hat to give it a nice even COLLAPSIBLE Look.

Please specify your Hat Size when ordering!

Size 6 3/4 6 7/8 7 7 1/8 7 1/4 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 3/4
Inches 21 21 1/2 22 22 1/2 23 24 24 1/2 25

Price $245.00  $195.00  ( COLLAPSIBLE )

Price $225.00  $175.00 ( NON - COLLAPSIBLE )







      Purchased by Tommy Wonder, Harry Anderson, and over a thousand other magicians.


The OMEGA RING is a sterling silver ring with a stunning black onyx setting. Located in the bottom of the band is an extremely powerful magnet. No need to "turn the ring around" to perform your wonders.

The Omega Ring is attractive, yet unobtrusive. You can wear it while performing close-up with no fear of detection.

Each ring is hand crafted, and available in sizes 6 to 14 in half size increments.

  • Perform a Chop Cup routine without a Chop Cup! Use a coffee cup, Styrofoam cup, or paper cup!

 Please specify your Ring Size when ordering!

Size 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

PRICE $135.00 $120.00

Yves Doumergue

Elohim is much more than a simple gimmick. It is truly an object that becomes a part of you, and allows the performance of some unbelievable effects that you might even use to fool yourself!

Elohim is a silver ring designed with a simple look similar to a wedding band. One of its sides is enclosed an extremely powerful magnet which makes many effects easier to perform and even more effects possible. The ring can be used for close-up effects with coins or cards, mentalism effects and more!

Please specify your Ring Size when ordering!

Size 9 10 10.5 11 12


PRICE $125.00 $95.00

Cane to Table

There have been several models on the market from time to time, but because of the intricate work involved companies have discontinued them. The cane itself is 35 inches high, and when the legs are extended the height is 38 inches, perfect for the card manipulator. The cane is anodized black with a silver knob and silver tip and unscrews in the middle for easy carrying. The legs that shoot out of the bottom are gravity fed, there is no chance in the legs getting hung up, and no springs to go out of order. The upper part of the cane is solid aluminum, so you have extra weight to prevent the cane from tipping over. The legs are twice as thick than older models, giving it a solid grip. A small gimmick is included which can be inserted into a hat or attached to a board, making an instant table top.

PRICE $450.00 $395.00tant table top.

ttc.jpg (18889 bytes)

Thumb Tip - Vernet

This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip, the best ever made. This is one of the most utility items in magic that allows you to perform miracle effects. You can do vanishes, productions, changes and restorations.

PRICE $3.00 ( Regular Size )

PRICE $5.00 ( King Size )

ft.jpg (8284 bytes)

Finger Tip - Vernet

With this fingers you can perform all the tricks done with th Thumb Tip but you can also fool the people than knows th Thumb Tip. The Finger Tip is also a suitable thumb tip for teenagers.

PRICE $3.00

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Sixth Curved Finger - Vernet

permiting it to be used between any of the fingers. Has over fifty per cent more capacity than previous fingers.There are hundreds of uses for all these fingers in dozens of books of Close Up magic.

PRICE $3.50

fs.jpg (16033 bytes)

False Finger Set - Vernet

You can get one special set of Vernet's Magic Fingers that include: Thumb Tip, Finger Tip, Little Finger Tip, Curved Sixth Finger Large and Curved, Sixth Finger Normal

PRICE $12.00


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